The Hinge and Catch

The Hinge and catch system is one of Graham’s amazing inventions.
A lot of us have trouble getting our rings over our knuckles, and once we do, they sit loose on our finger, only to be extremely tight once again, going over our knuckle.
The Hinge and Catch works just like a hinged bangle, but for your finger! Instead of having a bangle that is extremely hard to get on and off, but loose once around your wrist, you can get a hinge put in, so it simply fits comfortably around your wrist. The same goes for a ring, but in smaller of course.
It truly is one of Graham’s great talents.
Many people, no matter the age, have knuckles that are larger than the base of your finger. As we grow older, this tends to be amplified.
The Hinge and Catch lets anyone, no matter the size of the knuckle, be able to comfortably wear their ring, without it being too loose due to the extra size required to fit over the knuckle.
In order for your ring to qualify for this method of resizing, it must be of a reasonable width. Our jeweller needs to be able to successfully construct and attach a hinge onto the ring, and for that to be possible, he needs a solid ring to anchor it onto.
See the picture for how the hinge and catch method works.
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