Over 40 Year old business
For over four decades, The Diamond Mine Jewellers has been the jewel in Sunshine Coast’s crown, offering exquisite custom jewellery and exceptional service to its community. Our passionate Jeweller, nestled in the heart of Pelican Waters, is a true artisan who handcrafts stunning pieces that could all be considered Heirlooms. Here, at The Diamond Mine jewellers, we are storytellers, translating your unique style and cherished memories into breathtaking works of art.

Do you dream of an engagement ring that captures the very essence of your love story? A sparkling symbol of commitment unlike any other? Perhaps you have a treasured heirloom that whispers of generations past, begging for a touch of restoration to return it to its former glory. Or maybe you have a collection of unworn gold or silver jewellery yearning for a fresh start. Whatever your desire, The Diamond Mine Jewellers can transform your vision into reality.

Our skilled artisans, with years of experience and a meticulous eye for detail, handcraft each piece in our Pelican Waters workshop. They combine the finest materials with time-honoured techniques to create jewellery that is not only beautiful but built to last. From delicate repairs that breathe new life into well-loved pieces to comprehensive valuations that ensure your treasures are properly insured, we offer a full suite of services to meet all your jewellery needs.

Whether you visit our welcoming Pelican Waters showroom and browse our curated collections, or explore our website from the comfort of your home, you’ll discover The Diamond Mine difference. We believe in fostering lasting relationships with our clients, taking the time to understand their dreams and aspirations before meticulously crafting pieces that will be cherished for generations to come. Let us help you find the perfect symbol of love, commitment, or simply a way to express your unique style. Visit The Diamond Mine Jewellers today and start your own jewellery legacy.

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Fine Jewellery Repairs and Designs

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40 years of creating beautiful experiences.
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Where Expertise Meets Passion
At The Diamond Mine Jewellers, we go beyond simply selling jewellery. We create heirlooms, ignite memories, and bring your dreams to life. Here’s what sets us apart:

Graham Baker: A Master Jeweller: For over 40 years, Graham’s passion and meticulous craftsmanship have been the cornerstone of our business. He personally oversees every piece, ensuring the highest quality and a touch of artistry in every creation.
Custom Design Collaboration: We don’t just follow trends; we set them. We work closely with you to understand your vision, whether it’s a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, a sentimental redesign, or a complete transformation of existing jewellery.
Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Our skilled artisans, led by Graham’s expertise, meticulously handcraft each piece in our Pelican Waters workshop. We use only the finest materials and time-tested techniques to ensure your jewellery is not just beautiful, but built to last a lifetime.
Full Suite of Services: From delicate repairs that breathe new life into cherished pieces to comprehensive valuations for insurance purposes, we offer everything you need to care for your treasured jewellery.
Lasting Relationships: We believe in building trust and understanding with our clients. We take the time to learn about your dreams and aspirations to create pieces that will be cherished for generations.
Ready to embark on your jewellery journey? Visit our welcoming Pelican Waters showroom or browse our website to discover the Diamond Mine Jewellers difference. Let us help you find the perfect piece that tells your story.


Graham’s Story

Graham Baker’s journey as a Master Jeweller began with a spark ignited in his childhood. Family outings panning for gold and fossicking for gemstones near Bathurst with his Dad instilled a love for nature’s beautiful treasures. This passion was further nurtured at the Penrith Lapidary Club, where he learned the art of cutting and polishing stones. It was here that Graham’s creative spirit and appreciation for these natural wonders converged, inspiring him to pursue a career in jewellery.

Straight out of school in 1977, Graham embarked on his apprenticeship in Sydney’s bustling Pitt Street, laying the foundation for his almost 50 years of expertise. This dedication eventually led him to open his own store, Diamond Mine Jewellers, in Liverpool in 1997. However, the allure of the Sunshine Coast proved too strong, and in 2004, Graham made the move and established Diamond Mine Jewellers in its current home, Pelican Waters.

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