Clarity is one of the 4 Cs.
Clarity is one of the 4 Cs.
You can see that in the pictures, there are different types of diamonds with different types of inclusions.
Before reading the rest, please comment which pictures you think are showing I3 diamonds and which ones are salt and pepper diamonds.
When I discovered diamonds and their grading system, and then discovered salt and pepper diamonds, My first thought was;
“What makes an I3 diamond any different from a salt and pepper diamond, and why are salt and pepper diamonds so much more marketable?”
The short answer is, a salt and pepper diamond is picked out to have artistically placed inclusions. It doesn’t just look like a muddy diamond.

Here are two examples of salt and pepper diamonds

Please read on for the long answer…
Starting with I3 Diamonds (Included 3):
Clarity: I3 is the lowest clarity grade on the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) scale. Diamonds in this category have significant and easily visible inclusions and blemishes. Inclusions may be large, numerous, and may affect transparency and brilliance.
Appearance: I3 diamonds often have noticeable flaws that can impact the overall beauty and sparkle of the stone. The inclusions may be visible to the naked eye and may affect the structural integrity of the diamond.
Salt and Pepper Diamonds:
Clarity: The term “salt and pepper” is not an official grading term but is commonly used in the industry to describe diamonds with a mix of black and white inclusions. These inclusions are typically salt-and-pepper-like in appearance, scattered throughout the diamond.

This is an example of a diamond with severe inclusions, all visible to the naked eye.

Appearance: Salt and pepper diamonds are celebrated for their unique and distinctive appearance. The inclusions give the diamond a more natural and rustic look, and the scattered dark inclusions can resemble salt and pepper specks. Many people appreciate the individuality and character that salt and pepper diamonds bring to jewellery.
In summary, while both I3 diamonds and salt and pepper diamonds have visible inclusions, I3 diamonds are at the lower end of the clarity scale, often with significant flaws that may affect the diamond’s overall appearance and durability. Salt and pepper diamonds, on the other hand, refer to diamonds with a charming mix of black and white inclusions, prized for their distinctive and unconventional beauty. The term “salt and pepper” doesn’t imply a specific clarity grade but rather describes the visual effect of the inclusions in the diamond.
The darker looking diamonds like the one in the ring, are salt and pepper diamonds. The ones that look cloudy and dirty, are I2 and I3 diamonds.

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